Marie Osmond Makes Her Daytime Debut in a Dazzling Drama on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Marie Osmond Makes Her Daytime Debut in a Dazzling Drama on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Join Marie Osmond in THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s latest fashion face-off. New faces, stunning couture, and thrilling dramas await!

Legendary entertainer Marie Osmond is set to debut in the daytime soap opera THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.

Well-known for her myriad talents as a singer, host, actress, and author, Osmond is about to embrace a new role, Countess Von Frankfurt. 

The actress is ready to grace the screen with her exceptional presence, bringing a new wave of excitement to the beloved show.

New Faces, New Drama

The thrilling drama will commence with Ridge and Eric’s breathtaking fashion face-off on Wednesday, Oct. 25. 

Fans will be treated to Osmond’s first appearance on Friday, Oct. 27, marking a notable entry into the soap’s storyline. 

She will not be the only notable appearance—THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS star Tracey Bregman (Lauren) will return triumphantly to the sister soap. 

Bregman’s character, Lauren, accompanied by Kate Linder (Esther), is poised to stir the pot in the unfolding drama.

A Battle of Fashion Giants

An exclusive invite-only fashion show is at the heart of the unfolding drama. 

The show’s characters, Lauren and Esther, have received the coveted “golden tickets” to this glamorous event. 

The show promises to parade magnificent couture creations by Ridge and Eric. 

These illustrious designs will be showcased by recognizable faces, including Alexis Gaube from THE PRICE IS RIGHT and BIG BROTHER winner Taylor Hale.

The Powerful Countess Von Frankfurt

Coming from Milan, the wealthy Countess Von Frankfurt, played by Marie Osmond, is a vital part of this tale. 

A prestigious and long-time Forrester client, the Countess is in town to evaluate and appreciate Ridge and Eric’s newest collections. 

Her influential character could play a pivotal role in determining the victor of this high-stakes fashion competition.

A Crucial Decision Looms

In a dazzling display of fashion prowess, the winner will be determined by the designer who receives the most orders from the show’s attendees. 

With the influential presence of Osmond’s character, the Countess, a crucial decision looms large, adding an intense aura of anticipation and excitement to the spectacle.

Stay tuned for a dramatic blend of fashion, faces, and fabulous storylines as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL unveils its latest episodes!

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