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Kimberly McCullough Directs Netflix’s New Series, “NEON”

Explore Kimberly McCullough’s latest directorial masterpiece, “NEON,” on Netflix, a vibrant comedy encapsulating the reggaeton music scene, enriched with a star-studded cast and exquisite storytelling.

Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL have been missing Kimberly McCullough on screen, but they now have a chance to witness her astonishing talent behind the camera. 

McCullough, once celebrated for her portrayal as Robin on GENERAL HOSPITAL has since transitioned into a successful directing career, and she is back with a bang with a new series.

Streaming Success: “NEON” on Netflix

McCullough’s latest directorial project, “NEON,” is now available for streaming on Netflix. 

She announced on Instagram, expressing her excitement and honor in contributing to the series. 

McCullough directed episodes five and seven of the series, adding renowned musician Daddy Yankee to her impressive directing reel.

About the Series: A Dive into the World of Reggaeton

“NEON” is a delightful comedy that revolves around three friends, portrayed by Tyler Dean Flores, Emma Ferreira, and Jordan Mendoza, who migrate to Miami with dreams of making a name for themselves in the reggaeton music scene. 

The series also boasts appearances by notable personalities such as Jordana Brewster from AS THE WORLD TURNS and global music icons like Daddy Yankee, adding a touch of authenticity and star-studded appeal.

Behind-the-Scenes: McCullough’s Reflective Journey

Sharing a glimpse of her experience, McCullough posted a gallery of behind-the-scenes photographs, capturing the essence of her journey while working on “NEON.” 

She spoke warmly of the collaboration, creativity, and diversity that characterized the set, making the series a unique and heartwarming venture.

Solidarity Amid Industry Strike

However, McCullough also shed light on a somber note, mentioning the industry strike that occurred shortly after wrapping up the series. 

The ongoing strike has left many talented individuals from the cast and crew without work, casting a shadow of bittersweet emotions over the show’s release. 

She expressed solidarity with the SAG-AFTRA union, encouraging fans to show their support by watching the series and spreading the word.

Support the Show: A Call to the Fans

In a move of support and solidarity with the striking industry professionals, McCullough urges fans and viewers to appreciate and promote the series. 

Her call to action is simple: watch the incredible show, share the experience, and support the talented ensemble awaiting their return to work.

Enjoy the visual brilliance and immersive storytelling of “NEON” and become part of a supportive audience, celebrating and uplifting the entertainment world in these challenging times.

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