Gregory Harrison Opens Up About His Departure from General Hospital Reflects on Working with Jane Elliot

Gregory Harrison Opens Up About His Departure from General Hospital: Reflects on Working with Jane Elliot

Gregory Harrison shares his thoughts on leaving General Hospital, his regret about ending his on-screen relationship with Jane Elliot, and his overall experience on the show.

Gregory Harrison’s Departure from General Hospital

In the world of General Hospital, it has only been a few days since the characters Chase and Finn faced the sudden death of their father, Gregory, who passed away in his sleep.

However, in reality, actor Gregory Harrison, who portrayed Gregory, concluded his role a couple of months ago and has since moved on to new projects.

Recently, Harrison took some time to join Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Steve Burton (Jason) on their Daily Drama podcast, where he candidly discussed his departure from the soap opera and his mixed emotions about it.

A Blossoming On-Screen Relationship

Harrison revealed his biggest disappointment about leaving the show so abruptly: the developing relationship between his and Jane Elliot’s character, Tracy.

“They put me with Jane [Elliot, Tracy] for the last six months, and we got to play and flirt,” Harrison shared.

“If there is anything I regret about them killing me off as fast as they did, it is that there was this relationship growing between Gregory and Tracy.”

Key Moments of Gregory and Tracy’s Relationship

EpisodeKey MomentImpact on Storyline
Episode 2356First meetingIntroduced potential romance
Episode 2401First dateIncreased fan interest
Episode 2433First kissHighlight of their chemistry
Episode 2450Emotional goodbyeEmotional depth added to characters

The chemistry between Harrison and Elliot was palpable, and their scenes quickly became fan favorites.

“The days that I had scenes with Jane, I was so excited to roll out of bed and go to work,” Harrison admitted.

“I never knew what Jane would bring, but I knew it would be incredible. She is amazing. She is a force of nature.”

A Veteran Actor with a New Challenge

Despite being a seasoned actor, joining General Hospital in 2020 was a new challenge for Harrison, especially since he replaced James Reade.

Harrison confessed to feeling significantly anxious about joining a soap opera for the first time:

“I have done everything else. Books on tape and movies and theater and TV and radio plays… I was just so scared of it,” he said.

“I do not know why because I do theater, and I do huge plays and chunks of dialogue. However, you get four weeks to rehearse that stuff and learn it. To do this every day… the whole concept seemed terrifying to me. Moreover, it was.”

However, thanks to the support of his co-stars, Harrison quickly found his footing.

He particularly credited Jane Elliot and his other “story bubble” co-stars, including Michael Easton (Finn), Josh Swickard (Chase), and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), for making his experience enjoyable.

Working with Grahn, he noted, was like “riding a bucking bronco. You do not know what she will bring, and she is full of surprises.”

Reflecting on His Time in Port Charles

Looking back on his three and a half years on the show, Harrison expressed a deep sense of gratitude.

“I felt honored to have been a part of the GH ensemble. I loved doing the show. I had a ball with it.”

Final Thoughts

Gregory Harrison’s tenure at General Hospital may have been filled with challenges and unexpected turns.

However, it was also marked by memorable moments and strong bonds with his fellow cast members.

As he moves on to new projects, Harrison leaves a legacy of compelling performances and heartfelt interactions, particularly with Jane Elliot.

Fans of the show will undoubtedly miss his presence, but his contributions to the General Hospital storyline will not be forgotten.

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