Tabyana Ali Reflects on Nicholas Chavez's Departure From General Hospital

Tabyana Ali Reflects on Nicholas Chavez’s Departure From General Hospital

Tabyana Ali shares her thoughts on Nicholas Chavez’s departure from General Hospital, hinting at a bold new direction for her character Trina’s revenge story.

Tabyana Ali

In a twist that left General Hospital fans reeling, Spencer’s presumed death after plunging into the Seine River in January signaled a temporary absence for actor Nicholas Chavez, who was filming a Netflix series.

For the past four months, Tabyana Ali has masterfully portrayed a grief-stricken Trina, mourning the loss of her true love while struggling to move on. 

However, after Chavez confirmed his extended departure from the soap, Ali shared her thoughts on this significant exit.

Speaking to the media, Tabyana Ali expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support she and Chavez received from the show’s dedicated Sprina Nation fan base. 

“It was great creating Sprina with him,” Ali said of her former on-screen partner. 

“I want the best for him and all of his endeavors, and I hope we will get to work together again someday.”

Reflecting on the direction she wants her character to take, Ali envisions a bold transformation. 

“It might be a long shot, but I wanted [her] to turn into some cool, edgy if I can say — excuse my French — badass,” she said, wanting to see the kind-hearted Trina develop a darker edge. 

“I want her just to be… just cool, to have another side of her.”

After witnessing her beloved’s apparent death while he heroically saved her from a deranged villain, Ali feels her character is ready for a dramatic evolution. 

“I would like her to have a vendetta story or a revenge story,” she mused. The love of her life is gone, and now she just turned evil a little bit.”

Despite this ambitious vision, Ali recognizes that the idea might not align with her character’s kind-hearted core. 

“But I do not know how much that would be possible,” she conceded. “She is such a kind-hearted person at her core.”

The departure of Nicholas Chavez leaves the Sprina story at a crossroads, and fans are eager to see how Tabyana Ali’s Trina navigates the turbulent waters ahead.

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