Colleen Zenk's Exciting Return to Daytime TV A Promise of a Wild Ride for Y&R Fans

Colleen Zenk’s Exciting Return to Daytime TV: A Promise of a “Wild Ride” for Y&R Fans

Colleen Zenk promises a ‘wild ride’ on Y&R as Jordan, bringing drama and intrigue back to daytime TV. 

A New Chapter Begins

After captivating audiences for 32 years as Barbara Ryan on “As the World Turns,” fans speculated that Colleen Zenk had hung up her acting boots. 

However, the Emmy-nominated actress was biding her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity. 

Contrary to retirement rumors, she was actively sifting through roles. 

“There were so many things that I just said, ‘I am not interested,'” Zenk chuckled, highlighting her selective approach post-“As the World Turns.”

The Right Role at the Right Time

Her patience paid off when “The Young and the Restless” (Y&R) headwriter and executive producer Josh Griffith approached her with an enticing proposition. 

The role of Jordan, complete with a complex backstory, immediately grabbed Zenk’s interest.

“I called him back within 15 minutes,” she recalled, excited by the character’s depth and potential.

Unraveling a Mysterious Plot

Zenk’s character, Jordan, is intricately tied to an unfolding drama at Newman Media. 

Fans, initially wary of Claire’s intentions, now understand that she is collaborating with her Great Aunt Jordan in a scheme involving the entire Newman family. 

Zenk teased, “The first week is a wild ride.” She emphasized the storyline’s rapid pace and the urgency for fans to keep up with every episode.

Overcoming Nervous Beginnings

Returning to daytime television after a 13-year hiatus was challenging for Zenk. Admitting initial nerves, especially while working with new co-stars like Melanie Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Eric Braeden (Victor), she eventually found her footing. 

“It was nerve-wracking at first… but we fell into a rhythm right away,” Zenk confessed.

A Familiar Yet New Experience

Despite her previous absence from the day-to-day soap operas, Zenk was no stranger to Y&R, having been a long-time viewer. 

This familiarity helped her transition into the new role, though she still navigates the nuances of the set and script. 

Her enthusiasm and dedication to her new role shine through as she embarks on this latest chapter of her acting career.

A Must-Watch Storyline

Zenk’s addition to the Y&R cast promises a thrilling experience for viewers. 

Her portrayal of Jordan is set to unveil layers of drama and intrigue, making it an unmissable period for fans of the show. 

Zenk’s promise of a “wild ride” signifies an exciting time ahead for Y&R enthusiasts as she steps back into the limelight.

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