Roger Howarth Bids Farewell to 'General Hospital' A Look Back at His Journey

Roger Howarth Bids Farewell to ‘General Hospital’: A Look Back at His Journey

Roger Howarth exits ‘General Hospital,’ ending an iconic soap opera era. Reflect on his memorable roles and impact on daytime TV.

An Unexpected Exit

In a stunning turn of events, the cliffhanger ending of last Friday’s episode of “General Hospital,” where the character Austin was shot, marked the end of Roger Howarth’s latest stint on the popular soap opera. 

Fans were left in shock and sadness as the beloved actor confirmed his departure from the show.

Howarth’s Heartfelt Message

Roger Howarth took to Instagram to express his feelings and gratitude. 

His message was clear and filled with appreciation:

  • Fan Appreciation: He emphasized his deep gratitude towards the dedicated and supportive daytime soap fans, describing them as “lovely, amazing, supportive, and dedicated.”
  • Fond Memories at GH: Howarth reflected positively on his time at “General Hospital,” expressing his enjoyment and wishing the cast and crew continued success.
  • Embracing Life’s Surprises: He shared a philosophical note about Life’s unpredictable nature, stating, “Life is amazing. We do not ever know what is going to happen. How great!”

A Storied Career in Soaps

Roger Howarth’s journey in the soap opera world has been remarkable. 

He initially appeared in smaller roles in “Loving” and “Guiding Light” before rising to fame in “One Life to Live” as Todd Manning, a role that became synonymous with him. 

His career path also included a significant period as Paul Ryan on “As the World Turns.”

Following the cancellation of “One Life to Live,” Howarth brought his character, Todd Manning, to “General Hospital” in 2012. 

However, legal disputes over character rights led to a shift, and Howarth assumed the role of Franco Baldwin, initially portrayed by James Franco.

In 2021, following the end of his role as Franco Baldwin, Howarth returned to “General Hospital” as Austin Gatlin-Holt, a newly created character.

End of an Era, But Not the End of the Road

In his parting words:

“Turn towards the light. Always. Huge thanks to you all,” 

Howarth leaves a message of hope and positivity. His exit from “General Hospital” may end Austin’s journey, but fans are hopeful it is not the last we will see of this talented actor. 

Howarth’s ability to captivate audiences assures that he will be a highly anticipated addition to any future project he undertakes.

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