Cole Hauser Swaps Cowboy Boots for Coffee Beans Amidst Actors' Strike

Cole Hauser Swaps Cowboy Boots for Coffee Beans Amidst Actors’ Strike

Join Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser at Free Rein Coffee Company, where cowboy resilience brews in every cup amidst the ongoing actors’ strike.

“Yellowstone’s Star’s New Venture: From Rodeo to Espresso”

Amidst the ongoing actors’ strike turmoil, Yellowstone’s leading actor, Cole Hauser, has swapped his cowboy boots for an apron.

 Venturing into the coffee business, Hauser is now “serving coffee and taking orders” at his Free Rein Coffee Company store in San Angelo, Texas.

Hauser shared a snapshot of his new role on October 17 in an unexpected yet delightful twist. 

Known for his rugged portrayal of a cowboy in Yellowstone, he now embraces the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the soothing hum of espresso machines.

“A Coffee Company Inspired by the Hardworking Cowboys”

Free Rein Coffee Company is not just another coffee shop. 

Announced in August by Hauser himself, the brand carries the essence of hardworking cowboys and cowgirls who inspire him. 

The Santa Barbara native shared, “I have grown up around cowboys my whole life. Moreover, I can tell you, nobody on earthworks harder.”

Embodying the spirit of perseverance and hard work, the company aims to honor those who rise before the sun. 

“I am proud to announce that I have decided to start a coffee company inspired by these men and women who wake up before the dawn,” Hauser proudly proclaimed.

“The Struggles of the Screen Actors Guild Continues”

The film industry faces tough times, with the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) finding it hard to negotiate a new contract with the studios. 

This complication has halted the production of several projects, including the fifth and final season of the hit show Yellowstone.

Despite the writers’ strike ending, the actors remained steadfast in their strike since mid-July, holding up various productions. 

This has led talents like Hauser to explore and invest their time in different avenues, such as the coffee business until an agreement is reached and the curtains rise again in the entertainment world.

In the heart of Texas, amidst the aroma of coffee, Hauser’s new venture blooms, embodying the spirit of hard work and determination inspired by the resilient cowboys and cowgirls he has admired his entire life.

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